Beekeeping. From bust to boom and back again.

Do you know what’s flowering in your environment? Do you know if they are good for bees or honey production? Would you be able to take 10-500 bees stings for a days work? I know that I couldn’t as it hurts and then I get a little sick ( allergic to bees).

What do you think a beekeeper does and how much honey do you think they get?

The start of spring has definitely not been what we expected to start with it was dry and therefore we struggled to get our usual season openers of Honey.

By now the honey has usually been flowing well for around 6-8 weeks and we have a constant supply which usually means Honey for our regular and supportive customers, this season however I have had to call and let them know that we would be unable to supply Honey at the moment.

Fast forward to now and we have had a nice amount of rain that has put flowers on gum trees and smiles on faces. Just two weeks ago we were talking about moving bees due to the lack of honey and then the night Stuart and Mike go down to get the bees a lot are full.

Empty to full in just two weeks, that’s how awesome honey production can be one minute your struggling to fill a bucket next your getting 44 gallon drums full.

Now this is not out of the ordinary in fact pretty normal but, when Stu decided to check the bees yesterday and told me they had an awesome shake of iron bark nectar I was ecstatic to say the least.

Honey production can bee (is) hard work and unpredictable which isn’t an understatement, but when the going is good we all reap the rewards of the hard work.

The climate plays a massive role in our line of work as does Stuart’s knowledge of the flora of different areas. He has to know when and where to move the bees, what’s flowering and if what’s flowering is good for the bee or will cause disease or make them run dry or wether it is all nectar and no pollen or vis versa he also needs to be aware of the temper of the bees on any given day ( they say women are hormonal wait till you catch the bees on a cranky day woo)they can change from morning to evening deepening on cloud, humidity etc there is a lot to it when it all boils down.

If we all had the knowledge that beekeepers carry we would be able to work the land and even our backyard to produce the products that was beneficial to our families.

If Beekeeping was easy everyone would be doing it and if we could all take the stings that they dish out we wouldn’t think twice about becoming one ourselves but we don’t and that’s why it is only a small amount of these people that make it their life’s work.

Want to see videos of the Beekeeping process? Follow the link to see more.


002. Cool little creative -coffee hub

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to find the perfect little place to take your family? Have you ever noticed that even the coolest looking coffee lounges, tea room and surfer dives aren’t that special once you hear the person behind the counter talk, that the energies aren’t what the surroundings portray? I have and that’s why I only review the ones that are as authentic as there decore promotes.

There are a lot of little dives out there that seem authentic, relaxed, visionary, alternative and family friendly but once you sit down, get comfy you start to realise that it’s not all the decorations paint it to be, it’s energy or the operators energy that just doesn’t match the stores initial vibe.

The little place I found today ( Liberty Providores -Urunga- ) has all that I love in a dive it had milk crate chairs outdoors where you could keep the rug rats entertained, there was fresh fruit and veggies for sale from local produces including honey sourced locally, coffee which is every parents saviour the usual cold drinks to keep the kids happy and then the best was pre-loved funky clothing, bags, incense, teas and a variety of other cool stuff to keep the parental happy and wanting to spend.

The lady that runs this little beauty is named Emily, her husband and her set it up about a year ago. Emily had a beautiful relaxed energy that portrayed the same energy as the store which was a very pleasant experience, Liberty Providores -Urunga- The store that has fruit, veg, coffee and is a creative hub. Drop in and have a coffee and relax.

The store was set up in a organised but energetic way that made you look but didn’t make you overwhelmed by products and produce it was smooth in its layout and styling.

Some of the fantastic stuff that was there I have NEVER seen elsewhere and was unique to her I totally loved the mandala painted river rocks that were bright, cheerful and just perfect for brightening the home and for the Yoga Hippies out there she had earth coloured hair wraps that had genuine feathers to wind or pin into your hair. I myself ended up indulging in two new vintage dresses, so sage and the wonderful Moondance incense that I haven’t been able to get elsewhere.

Personally I would highly recommend dropping in and having a coffee at this shop, meet Emily and enjoy the experience. It is on the old highway in Urunga NSW

I found this Facebook page for them and here is a lovely video to see the atmosphere.

Total Yoga Hippy award 🥇 for this amazing place 🙏

Outback travelling with the beekeeper.

Outback Australia can’t get much better until you see Emus they are seriously cool.

So yesterday we went out to check some beesites that we have and wanted to know wether there was any canola crops in at these places or at least some amazing wildflower varieties that help the bees 🐝 breed more amazing female Honey collectors, that’s right all the bees are girls in the hive the male has the fantastic job of impregnating the queen then he dies from exhaustion and testosterone overload.

So as we travelled from our little property east of Gel Innes Nsw we discovered the country was dry and parched just as you see in the typical Drysden paintings but, is the country usually this dry or do we just get to see Mother Nature on a less then perfect day? 

Well to Anwser this I think we have to look at the fantastically complicated weather patterns that Australia has. You see Australia’s weather tends to run in seven year cycles with this you have about three years of bad drought, two to three years of in between weather so neither wet nor dry just constant and then of cause the all important one to two years of floods etc. so as you can see that this can make farming crops or stock a little more challenging then your average job. Can you really make a living in these situations? Of cause you can and not only can you make a living you can do really, really well in a bumper year. 

So as it happens it’s very dry and there was none of this happening ( not a bumper year for us) but it was a fabulous drive anyway and I got to check out the Mehi River and the surrounding areas with the family.
I love the travel that I do with Stuart and the kids that is bee related, I learn more about our natural environment then most people would and I also see the great importance of our farmers, the good and bad farming practices and also the manor importance of our magical little bee friends.Next time you go to these super market for that all important jar of honey, I would love to impart a couple of fun facts on the little guys, firstly they need to make 3.9kg of honey for every 500g of beeswax of which is in a lot of different beauty products, cleaning and medical products that we use daily, secondly they pollinate( place pollen from one flower to the next) all those lovely fresh fruit and veggies you eat ( even the frozen varieties) this helps to increase yeild(amount of crops) which means that the price can’t jump super high due to excess of crops, thirdly the all important fact that your store Brough honey may come from China or is fake ( yes honey can be fake) it could have ( and usually does) fillers like high fructose corn syrups, and lastly on the fun facts is that a SPOONFUL of honey every day has been said to alleviate coughs, sore throats, fight off cancer ( check with doctor before you take this advice) boost your immune system, keep seasonal allergies at bay, reduce cholesterol and helps you get a good nights sleep, pretty amazing hey! With all these things you can see and also Google the wonderful effects of honey with its making antimicrobial, anti fungal, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

So check out and find your local beekeeper for some of the good stuff as this also helps them to do the fabulous job they do and also stops the big companies bringing in foreign honies that don’t have what us Aussies need.

Happy honey hunting….