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Hello fellow WordPress crew. We have launched a patreon Page that will be posting videos, podcasts, some live, and blogs on YOGA, Bees & Beekeeping and self sufficient living in rural NSW.

” In case you’re wondering, patreon is a simple way to contribute to our videos, podcasts, blogs every month and get super cool, exclusive rewards in return! ”

For as little as $1 per month you get access to our patron only blogs and for as little as $5 per month you can access all our videos online.

Could I please ask you all to share this with other amazing people like you so that we can get this fabulous venture up and running.

You are have our gratitude and thanks for this awesome amount of help.

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Meditation for inner peace.

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I know it is a great to say that meditation works for people but, does it really?

The answer is simple yes! It does. It helps to unwind, refresh, rejuvenate and just generally make you feel so much better but, how do we find the one that works for us or is best for me? Hmm well this is a tough one as there is no simple answer for this question it is all about searching and trying.

Each teacher, student, person is individual and their needs are as varied as the people themselves, my style is relaxing and some say hypnotic others are very deep, spiritual, or classical.

Meditation is definitely like your shoes and handbags, very individual and unique like yourself.

I provide a small meditation at the end of all my yoga classes instead of the standard Savasana relaxation, this provides all my ladies with the refresh and reboot needed to enjoy the rest of their day, week, evening and each of the ones I do carry a gentle visualisation of healing energies.

I like to advise everyone to give it ago as if you find the one that suits you you will notice the amazing health benefits that go with it. The include but are not limited to,

  • Weight loss
  • Happiness
  • Glowing skin
  • Forgiveness
  • Spiritual healing
  • Physical healing
  • Family satisfaction
  • Self awareness
  • Self love
  • Better sex life

And the list could go on.

I have done a recordings of meditations that I have created,

They will help to relax and find inner peace or heal the body mind and spirit. You may be after something completely different so go out and try different styles and embrace and enjoy the experience of surrendering to your own health.




Femininity V’s Feminism

There is a lot to be said for the female body, hair, face, natural beauty and the belief that we have to measure up to societies views. Is this belief the natural way of female progress OR is it the natural place for the goddess that has lost her way? 

Is today’s women, girl, sister, mother controlled mindlessly by expectations or, does she truely believe that acting different to her true self the best way to get recognition?

Can you honestly say that you are happy with 100% of you? Is the reason that you are dissatisfied due to the reflection in the mirror? 

Your not alone this is basically the entire population of women worldwide. Disappointing, depressing and dissatisfying is what this is, not to mention really bad for us all.

Now that we have established that we are dissatisfied with what we see let’s look at why! The reason is that we look into those god damned mirrors and start to think that everything about ourselves is wrong, our arses are not a peach, our bellies are shaped like an apples, our hips are pears, our boobs are saggy grapes, and we just don’t look like the embodied meant of Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Elle Macpherson and so on and so on. So what is the Anwser to this self sabitaging behaviour? 

Well in my world that’s as simple as the apple pie and fruit bowl that we have just compared our bodies to, read the magazine and remember that the person you are viewing is actually photoshopped (think Kim Kardasian) and secondly stop looking at yourself in the mirror until you can see the beautiful women you are.

Step 1, check out that sexy shadow walking beside you.

Step 2, add some colour to your waldrobe ( think underwear, sexy underwear.) yeah I know your wandering why but we will cross that in a mini moo.

Step 3, start to see the good bits that you haven’t noticed yet, hair, eyes, mouth, feel them, touch them.

Step 4, feel feminine, not for anyone but yourself, just feel that wonderful female energy creeping in, embrace it, and surrender to it.

Step 5, write down how you feel, uncomfortable with starting, loving the change, noticing the smile that you have that you just can’t shake.

Now that we have completed this wonderful 5 step. Program, start to live this free feminine life.

Can we be feminine without being feminist? Hmm well I have my Anwser, how about you?

Yes of course you can! A feminist is someone that has to prove that she can do everything as good or better than men. femininity is the way we act, dress, behave within our lives (. Moral, standards). 

Feminist, they are the women that did help us get out of the kitchen, mines, and general drudgery. These are women that have paved the way for us to create the world of family friendly that we have. Have we gone to far now? would our for mothers approve of where we have taken feminism to in today’s society?

I am sure that they wouldn’t, infact I believe that they would be disgusted with us for merging into men instead of staying feminine and accepting ourselves for the beautiful women we are. Do we really have to go this far, Or can we stay feminine and appreciate what they did for us whilst still be able to remain in this century? The thing is women today want equal pay for equal work yet, they still ask the bloke in the next cubicle for the use of their muscle. Is this the right way to go really?

No for me if you want equal work, equal pay then do the work yourself, don’t ask for help, don’t ask them to do bits and pieces for you ( obviously this is job general not specific) . By the way girls you don’t have balls so start to embrace the fact that you are a women not a man in disguise. I know, I know you really want to give me a blast for that last comment and please feel free but, accept the fact that I am a women, mother, friend and granddaughter, great niece etc and I do value the femininity that I possess and also respect those that helped to get us where we are today, but I also would rather accept a pay cut and a mans help to lift that box then receive the exact amount of money so I wreck my body trying to achieve the impossible and prove that I have the same equipment as the blokes.

Ladies from now on try to start to see the inner goddess in you, start to appreciate the body that you have been given, start to embrace colour, sensuality, and start to cover those mirrors, remove media from your zone that makes you feel horrid and really work on the finding of your beautiful feminine self.

You are beautiful, your are feminine and you are the best person in your life once you embrace self as there is nothing more sexy then a comfident women that ouzes sensuality. The best thing is you can do it all for yourself and not care what anyone else thinks as they aren’t in your body so it’s all about you.

be fearless, can you be feminine today?

First the Goddess in the sunlight of heaven, then the domestic Goddess sanding the wall ready for painting, both make me feel feminine and I am proud of the way I look. Time for you to embrace the beautiful Gooddess in yourself.

Yoga Hippy of Naturally fit Bodies


Yoga Hippy Lifestyle

I have acquaintances that love the idea of being self sufficient and I have others that love the idea of the city and all the supposed simplicity of it all, can we really say that one or the other is simplistic or, is it just a state of mind?

I moved to this remote place just on ten years ago and realised that I had moved myself into isolation but, when push came to shove was I really more isolated than I was in town? Answer no I was actually far more isolated in the thriving metropolis of Newcastle where my family lived and I never saw.

Living where I do I have No electricity bills, no water bills, this is due to being on solar and generator power and having river and rain water for supply, We have the internet through the NBN sky muster system which everyone complains is slow but works wonders here and we a perfectly good phone line but no mobile service.

This is where everyone is going oh totally wish that was me, but do you really think that the challenges you face with these will make you happy? For me they have the power plays up and this is due to financial capital or lack there of to replace the old failed batteries, the generator needs an upgrade and for the same reasons can wait. All this aside am I happy? You bet and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So right now I have spent the last few days preparing our beds for spring, nice and early so that we have a great diet to plant all the vegetables that our family eats, these are wife and varied and are always in overly abundant in which we share with neighbors, friends and of course the general public. Our business motto has always been pretty simple when it comes to the over supply of our fruits and vegetables 🥒 it’s a pay what you feel they are worth and people are as varied with this as the produce itself.

I love this life but it’s not for everyone, most people find it hard to disconnect from the world and live as natural as we do but, for us it isn’t even a thought as Stuart works bees 🐝 with Mother Nature as his boss, I work with yoga which is a universal down to earth, grounded way of life and we Both value greatly the time we spend together as a family unit as you really don’t know when it could be taken away.

Our little stall at the side of the road is where we stick our products and it’s on the old fashioned honesty system as karma catches those that are dishonest and we leave it to karma for the peacefulness of mind. We call our little stand the Yoga Hippy stand as it incorporates both my husband and I as well as the children we are all hippies at heart and we love a yogic lifestyle. Stuart’s Honey is sold at this little stall and we know that we get regulars coming as when where out of good old Hibbo’s Honey 🍯 they come up and ask for it.

So by the time that this article gets released I probably would have finished the gardens and started looking for plants to put in so it will probably be old news. I don’t turn the internet on daily let alone weekly and this is why you find that my posts are irregular.

Well hopefully you have a wonderful growing season and you find so peace in growing something for yourself.

Love the Yoga Hippy and Hibbo’s Honey crew from Newton Boyd NSW Australia ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

Yoga at home 🏡 

Is it easy to start a new regime? is it easy to get fitter than you where yesterday? is it easy to become healthier than the week before?.

Yeah it is and you know why because you decided you want to.

To many people make a big deal about life changes, once you decided to change your life the next step is the easy bit.

Step 1- join the Naturally Fit Bodies LIVE Video yoga classes

Step 2- enjoy doing your yoga at home or with friends.

Step 3. Relax and rejuvenate 😊🙏

Life is better already.

Namaste 🙏

Yoga every damn day 

If you have never tried Yoga I have to let you in on a massive secret, it’s the biggest natural high you will experience without throwing yourself off a bridge with a rope around your ankles.

If you have tried yoga and hated it then here is the secret to it sucking for you, you had the wrong teacher/ experience.

Yoga is many things to many people and I can honestly tell you that once you get the right teacher, perfect place to practice and a mind that’s ready to give peace ago you will benefit greatly from the experience and will have the yoga stoned glow that is the best thing ever.

Too many people assume that you have to bend like a pretzel or be super skinny to do yoga, you really really don’t you know. I am definitely no bending like a pretzel nor do I feel the need to prove how flexible I am, I am also not twiggy as any mother of 1 child or 10 will attest to.

I do however love my yoga and have had fabulous teachers along the way with the most recent being Carrie-Anne fields from My Health Yoga. She inspired me and also helped to reinvigorate my practice and also helped me through my pregnancy with motivation from another late term mother.

My advice to all is to try yoga and look for different styles, teachers and places before saying that it’s not for you.
Namaste 🙏

Naturally Fit Bodies FACEBOOK Page

Yoga, Fitness & Life

I know I have been AWOL and thats not ideal when you do a blog. So here it is life as we have it ATM.

My little Rubin is now 3 and Gypsy turned 1 last month, it has been a busy season for my husband and therefore the family with honey production but its now eased off for the next few months.

On the Yoga / Fitness front I have since speaking last completed the Athletics Australia Level 1 Community Coaching course and am now ready to add this to the fun part of teaching kids ( mine included) I now teach Yoga twice a week in #GlenInnesNSW and also teach Kettle bells after on those 2 days which I totally LOVE.

I would love to announce to you all some fabulously amazing things that have happened but nothing much yet. At anytime your passing and want to see what I am up to come and visit the face book page and #Followme for loads of information that I don’t always get here to write about.


Love to all.



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Naturally Fit Bodies FACEBOOK PAGE