Yoga & Meditation day February 18th 2017

Our first wonderful yoga -meditation day for 2017 is in Grafton NSW. With all of our fantastic events we only have limited numbers available so we do advise booking and paying early to avoid missing out as our waiting lists do add up quickly.

Yin yoga with Hatha influences relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body. Yin is practiced in a relaxed environment and doesn’t focus on postural correctness as much as comfort and recovery, this form of yoga is slow and mediative. we stay in each of the asanas(postures) for 5-7minutes which allows the whole body to fully relax giving it time to work on the tendons and fasciae rather than the muscle.

Yin asanas are not standing postures these are postures that are for finding stillness, staying in balance and cooling the body. Yang asanas are mostly standing asanas these are referred to as masculine or Yang which relates to movement or heating the body. Yin is the feminine form (seated).

Yin yoga comes from the taoist  tradition and when you finish a fabulous Yin class you walk away looking and feeling wonderfully zonked.

I look forward to catching up with everyone on the day, and please remember we will have a fabulous lunch created by the wonderful Rani to help us feel light and energised. for more information please email me or call all numbers and contacts are on the NFBodies Facebook page. or send me the below form.

Have a fab week beautiful.

Namaste 🙂 Continue reading

Naturally Fit Bodies

Welcome to Naturally Fit Bodies, On this blog site I will be adding events that we are hosting along with any fabulous information that we find.

I will find some other wonderful people that have amazing views, talents and opinions to add to this sight along with my own little bits and pieces.

Hope you enjoy it, even with the bad grammar, punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. sit back read, laugh, and have a fabulously beautiful life. xxx




Behind NFBodies events 

What a fantastic year its been but, and I have to say I love doing the Yoga Day events in the beautiful township of #GlenInnesNSW

I get someone in to cook the delicious food that is on the day when the event is larger than expected, and also from time to time get some fabulous Yoga, health, Ayuvendic practitioner in to help out and spread their wonderful wisdom.

I am the Yoga teacher, practitioner and totally love what I do so put all the enthusiasm I have into these events to make them perfect for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Yoga & I ,where we started

Yoga and I go way back, my fascination started back in the 80’s when there was a story on sixty minutes featured Buddhist priests in India levitating, it was amazing. I have to tell you from then until I was well in my early teens I sat on my bed repeating over and over I can float, I can float ( Never happened).

After many junior years trying to accomplish what I had seen some of these yogis do I started to study yoga ( many other things as well) I checked out what I heard about Ashtanga it didn’t float my boat, then Vinyasa a bit quick for me, then I flowed in and out of varying styles and spiritual aspects.

From my late teens to mid twenties I had found a fantastic swami that visited from India/America he was an american indian who travelled all over the world spreading his spiritual wisdom and yogic wisdom he tought me everything that he could cram into my head over the few years he stayed. His name is Two Feathers and he gave me my spiritual Indian animal the otter ( totally bummed by that really thought I was mature but apparently just a hard working fun lover).

From here I moved from Newcastle NSW into the bush where I met my now husband and embarked on creating the wonderful family we have (5 kids) he encouraged me to follow the dream I had always harboured and do my fitness instructors certification which allowed me to flow into yoga as a teacher. I have since gone back due to the need for a piece of paper and get my level 1 teacher training and am now finishing my level 2 with Yin Yoga as my specialisation.

I am now working as a yoga teacher in Glen Innes NSW every Sunday which allows me to be a better mother and wife due to the flow of asana and meditation we go through. I also hold relaxing and nurturing Yoga-Meditation days in both Glen Innes and Grafton every year which is a full day of beautiful Yin yoga and recovery meditation.

To end this on a wonderful note I am incredibly happy with the family I have, the job I do and the life I live. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and find that beautiful life that you have. Stay beautiful and smile.

Om Shanti,