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Our beautiful Newton Boyd Honey shop at the monument has grown and now has more Honey from the beekeeper then before and also now has fabulous beeswax candles. We are so excited 😆 that we have done this with the same old fantastic honesty system as before. All that is needed is a paint job to add the rainbows 🌈 .

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This person did a blog on the old Grafton- Glen Innes Road.

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Yoga clothing!What do you think?

Have you noticed the rise of the Lycra yoga pants? I have and now I also have heard the rise of ” I won’t be caught dead in Lycra” or ” the I’m not flexible enough” has been replaced with “OMG I would look horrible in that gym clothing”.

This is really unacceptable, the benefits of yoga far outway the clothing choices and for that matter have you ever seen an Indian yogi in tights? Nah they are usually in flowing pants that keep movement easy. I know, I know, tights being skin tight make movement easy but, they also help women to get vaginal thrush and can cause vag/groin sweating that is not nice especially if you can’t shower after class and if you wear them every day with little reprieve from tight pants.

I know that there is so much in the way of advertising the look, clothing etc of yoga and I don’t criticise this as there is definitely a need. Some people love to wear tight clothing in bright colours, others prefer to hide themselves in black as media has decided it hides lumps, bumps, and your beautiful shape. The yoga clothing industry is now worth millions (billions) relying mostly on the status of your yoga elite and that most want to look the part. Do you honestly think YOU need to do this?

don’t get me wrong even I love these pants from dharma bums.

Clothing in yoga doesn’t have to be skin tight pants, sports bra and abs showing. The thing is it’s all about comfort and flow not being the most fashionable in the class. Yoga is an individual journey so how we dress is also individual.

In my classes I actually decided to ban black, this was due to the shade black being an energy blocking colour and I am trying to create a full chakra balancing flow that opens. When our ladies where wearing black pants they inadvertently were blocking their lower chakras.

Once this colour was asked to be phased out I noticed that the ladies in the class started wearing loosened clothing that had fabulous colours. I was also pleasantly surprised by the way their personal practices became more flowing, more connected and far less stressful. They found themselves and became what they prefer; ( they became their home self).

So try not to surrender to the medias viewed yoga and know that you are beautiful, gorgeous and sexy in anything you wear. Embrace your inner beauty and wear something comfortable that you can do your practice in. Be original and don’t bend to the oppressive view that we all have to look a certain way to practice yoga.

Bee Free to Bee Me


The blend of Beekeeping and Yoga in a simple space

The beautiful mix of the honey man ( Hibbo’s Honey) and the yoga hippy ( Naturally Fit Bodies) , Bee-Lotus ( combination of the pair) is the family establishment that wants to share and spread the love for our wonderful natural environment and the beauty of movement of the body, mind and spirit in on space.

As a beekeeping / yoga family with 4 small children we are ways on the out and about and love to share the stories of our travels along with wonderful products we have or have found that are natural, sustainably sourced and are great for you and the environment.

Our motto for all things in this area is quality, affordability and environmentally friendly. If you would like an article to reach thousands, on a product that you are passionate about and is sustainably sourced please contact us here and we will have a look.

We support the Australian (worldwide) beekeeping industries that are sustainably Run and also the wonderful yoga hippy world that is full of wonderful products, genuine practice, and sustainability for all.

As a family run, owned and created business which incorporates so much love for these things we look forward to sharing all these Inge with you.

Re-vegetation Sponsorship

Sponsor a tree and help to get native, bee friendly plants into our beautiful country with a small contribution. For every plant you sponsor a orange ribbon will be placed around the tree with your name written on it to show our appreciation for your support.


Sponsor a Hive of Bees

The sponsorship of a hive shows your awareness of the plight of our Bees. Increased awareness helps us to build bee numbers, plant native bee friendly vegetation and make fabulous honey from these plants.


purchase some veggie plants

Did you know just one plant can highly increase your families nutritional intact, can you imagine 6 different veggie varieties and how these will feed your family? By adding a small contribution you are helping to increase awareness of home grown versus mass produced production and helping us and those around us enjoy great value, nutritionally perfect produce.


Sponsor a chicken

Just one chicken will help to arreate the soil in your gardens, keep bugs under control and produce an egg a day. Can you imagine what a fresh egg looks like? the yolk is bright orange/yellow, the white is white not cream and the chicken is fat and healthy. By buying a chicken for the farm you give this chicken a long happy life, great food ( they get the veggie scraps) and you allow people to get great, fresh eggs. Each chicken that is brought gets the name of its sponsor as constant respect for your support.


Help get more gardens

By helping with the purchase of more raised garden, we are able to plant more veggies which means happy healthy people. With each garden we get through your support we paint your name on the side to show our gratitude and appreciation for your support.


Creating a self sufficient lifestyle.     

Destruction of the beekeepers way of life. 

Good Food for Good Health

Food for life….

001. A Bit Hippy- Product Review.


BOOKCLUB 001: Buddhism for mothers.

This book by Sarah Napthali is an amazing read for every mother(father) that has struggled with children’s temperamental behaviour.

This isn’t a new book on the market, nor is it flashy with cute pictures of Buddhist monks, Buddha statues or scenic views. Instead it is full with wise words that resonated with me whilst I was raising my now 18 year old autistic (Aspergers) son as a single mother many years ago.

I turned to this book to try and help me be a calmer, more relaxed and understanding mother, instead I found a whole new way of parenting that has seen me utilise the skills with my 4 little children now.

Sarah Napthali, wrote this book in 2003 and it teaches a “calm approach to caring for yourself and your children” it gives emotional support throw funny stories of her own history and creates a reassurance that you are a great mother and you can be a real role model to your children without having ego, temper or judgement come into it.

This book takes the view that parents can be present, by attentive listening, watching and interacting with them. Through this we create a lasting bond that carries us forward with love and respect.

Motherhood is challenging, difficult and full of expert advice from everyone else about the ways that we could improve, yet with this book I found NO judgement only support and with the implementation of practices within this book I became a calmer more inclusive mother instead of the old view of “I’m to busy just wait” or the “I’ll be there in a minute” ” can’t you do something else” or the very mother comment of “uh ha, ok , cool, ” meaning “I didn’t hear a thing you said but at least your quiet now.

This definitely get the platinum 💍 yoga hippy award and encourage all mothers to give it a go.

Yoga that supports Crohns Disease.

I was born with crohns disease, an autoimmune disease of the intestinal area. There are many drugs that are given to people with this disease and sometimes they work and help to reduce the inflammation and other times they don’t and when they don’t the sufferer can have severe side effects from the drugs ( even when they work the side effects can be bad). I have been VERY lucky to avoid medication through dietary changes, non smoking, hardly ever touched a drop to drink bar water and coffee and became a (not strict) but vegetarian.

I put a great deal of respect and gratitude into my good health from the practice of yoga, no this doesn’t mean i practiced daily over the last 30 years but i does mean that i have utilised yoga weekly over this time. Due to this I have also become aware of the best yoga asanas for my condition and I am sharing them here today as I know that they will help many sufferers of this.

Firstly there are three main techniques that are the best and they are the same as with normal yoga,

  1. Pranayama– this is the breathing that is performed throughout your yoga practice.
  2. Asana– The physical poses that make up the yoga practice.
  3. Meditation – This is the best way to complete your yoga practice as it allows the body, mind and spirit connection to complete and surrender to the physical effects of the yoga practice, eventuating in a peaceful, restful feeling.

Secondly is the yoga asanas themselves, I have a tried and true flow that gives me an all round internal and physical practice. I also hold each of mine (core help tight in what the yogis call Mulabandha) 5-10 exhalations and this gives me plenty of time to feel my body and notice the way it is moving with my breath.

  1. Start with a least a 2-5 min breathing session, just sitting and relaxing getting to know how your body feels ( tense, stressed, sore, painful etc) take your mind to each body part with each inhalation, and on the exhalation mentally release any tension, strain from those muscle groups. keep this going until you have reached your toes. 
  2. Come over into a cat/cow combination and work through this for 5 exhalations and then roll back into extended Childs poses and rest for 5 exhalations, return to cat and cow for another 5 exhalations.
  3. slide back into downward dog now and place your weight evenly between your hands and feet, allowing your head to relax naturally once in the asana, stay here for 5-10 exhalations and then roll back into extended Childs pose, head back into downdog for another 5 exhalations.
  4. Lift your left leg into dog splits and as you exhale bring it through between your hands, keeping right hand on the floor, exhale and lift your right hand to the sky twisting from the navel centre. hold here for 3-5exhalations. placing hands back to floor, exhale and move back into downdog, hold for 5 exhalations and then repeat this on the right hand side. move back to downdog when completed for 5 exhalations.
  5. walk both legs up to your hands and come into your mountain pose (tadasana) engage your knees, glutes, core, chin lock (chin slightly tucked to neck) and breathe deeply for 10 exhalations. Inhale and raise your arms above your head giving yourself a gentle backbend and as you exhale swan dive placing wait into your big toes as you come into standing forward fold ( uttanasana)
  6. Exhale as you step back into downdog and slowly bring your self into extended Childs pose. taking 5 breathes at each asana. 
  7. relax now and come into savasana for 5-10 minutes, breathing deeply as you release all tension in the body by taking your mind to each place on each inhale and releasing through the exhalation.

Ok so this is not the whole practice I do but, this is a really good start for anyone with crohns, at any point that it feels to strenuous come back into Childs pose and always come out of any asana or physical practice that is causing you pain  (only practice to the end of stretch NEVER pain) 

Give this a go and let me know what you think. I will be posting a Crohns flow on the new page when I have finished… keep your eyes open for the Yoga Hippy Anonymous page.


Best 5 lower back yoga poses

The lower back is one area that a lot-most people suffer from pain at some point in their lives, can this be avoided or relieved by yoga? the answer is definitely yes, in fact strengthening the lower back region will help to avoid the issue in the future. Lower back pain can range from very debilitating to mild discomfort and can cause mood changes and even depression in people. So what yoga poses are good to practice as little as 2-3 times a week? and can yoga give the release and preventative care we are all looking for? it most certainly can.

The number one asana I would start anyone on is the cat-cow combination.

Going from this into the downward dog

Rolling into the sphinx

Coming back into downward dog

The slowly coming down to knees

Roll over onto back and come into thread the needle

Lastly going into the supine (laying) twist.

Once you have completed these stretch out nice and long and bring yourself into savasana and relax for as long as you would like.

Working to live- living to work! What’s your deal?

Working, working, working, we do it for so many reasons but are they all correct? Are we working to get ahead? Or is it an escape? Is it a core necessity or do you love your job? What is your reason and could you use yoga to change how you cope with it?.

When I was young I wanted to work to get independence, earning money seemed to be the answer but, was it really? Nah, it definitely wasn’t. I soon realised that if I worked for anything other then enjoyment it was false economy. I realised that if I didn’t enjoy the work I did that the money no matter how much was nothing but a drain and not enjoyable.
Once this discovery was made I started to work in jobs that I enjoyed and the ones I didn’t I only spent the necessary time in it. I started to enjoy life and work as a combination instead of dreading the prospect of going to work and realising that all the money I made didn’t get enjoyed as I was too exhausted to enjoy it on those days and hours I had off. I also started to be more in touch with myself through yoga not as a teacher but as a learner practitioner.
The prospect of working for enjoyment doesn’t seem to sit well with everyone, they tend to think that if your enjoyment of work is to great you can’t afford a fancy car, house etc they are of cause probably right and living a self sufficient lifestyle isn’t as cheap as it sounds but, it certainly beats the socks off trying to live within the fast pasted, over priced world of many people.
I now only teach yoga for the enjoyment of all and this includes myself (ahimsa). This leads me to have plenty of time to devote to my adorable family, Stuart’s beekeeping operation and the families self sufficient lifestyle. I have found that enjoyment of all we do comes as a massive first in our life, it makes the families life happier as mum and dad enjoy what they do.
I still teach yoga to the corporate clients I have, helping them de-stress and enjoy the week or at least feel more relaxed and in control of their own self. This leads them to have greater productivity in their work which keeps the boss off their case and leads to a far happier workplace for them.
So in my opinion take the plunge and study a new work related job you may love, change your job if it works for you and start to enjoy life as we are only here for one life and if we are brought back we have no memories of this one. So why not stop the commercialism of our work and enjoy the simple pleasures that are here and now.