Hey everyone, and welcome to Naturally Fit Bodies I’m Megen Hibbins and this is the place where you can discover the wonderful, beautiful woman in you and unlock that fabulous naturally fit body hiding inside.

Just to start this off ,Yoga is an anchor within my life, I find that it makes me a better mother and wife as it helps me to be centred and far more even tempered. There is a difference between practicing yoga and integrating yogic life into yours. This does not mean that you have to go vegan or even vegetarian that is a personal body issue, but it is something that helps to create an inner calm and helps to keep stress levels down, along with wonderful feelings of peace and inner security you can obtain within yourself and therefore your extended life.

My biggest support within my life is my husband and children they love me unconditionally ( even on my bad days) and support the way of life we live ( no child tech). When you have this fabulous system of love and support you can achieve dreams that you never thought possible.

Since being with Stuart ( hubby) I have become calmer, more peaceful and less in my head then ever this is due to him seeing and then encouraging me to follow my yoga and not worry what everyone else thought ( thinking weird hippy chick). Guess what following your dream or taking yoga or any form of fitness into your life does not make you a crack pot or selfish,  it makes you someone that loves yourself enough to realise that without the self love you really can not share the abundance you have with others.

On this site we will let you know whats going on in our world and would love to hear all about yours. This site will also contain some bad grammar, bad spelling and probably atrocious punctuation, I will apologise in advance for this especially for the purist out there that will cringe and grumble lots about it and for what its worth I am okay with this as everyone can have something to say without the political and educational restraints that are placed upon them. If you can get over this tiny hurdle ( it really is you know ) then you may enjoy the articles and input by others.

Making it simple, we are about Naturally Fit Bodies, the type that we use YOGA to help unlock. In our world we LOVE LOVE LOVE Yoga, natural health ( whatever yours is)  and LOVE to spread the fantastic life yoga, health and spiritual awareness has to offer. We also believe in voicing but not forcing our opinions on everyone.

So come along and enjoy what we have to offer and what we are passionate about and enjoy.

Love ‘n’ Light to all