The art of Beekeeping

Yes that right, beekeeping is an art and a rather complicated one if it’s done wrong. As a beekeepers wife I am regularly given facts and information about bees, what they are doing, what trees are in blossom and what tree blossoms are not suitable in different weather.

Hearing all this information made me wonder how many people really give a thought or even know that people harvest their honey from bees and how they do harvest honey. Do you know what happens in an apiary? Have you ever wonder how your honey is produced? Have you ever thought wether it is Australian or overseas varieties? Do you know what an iron ark, Apple gum or blood wood tree even looks like?

Well for what it’s worth I never gave it a thought, in fact I didn’t even know that beekeeping was farming or that their were beekeepers in Australia. Hmmm yep I’m hearing you, how Nieve am I, Totally was on this subject.

So as it turns out hanging with Stuart who is my husband, best friend, etc is really cool and I have learnt sooo much, in fact I think it has made me nearly a beekeeper ( hahaha as if ). 

So Stuart has started making a few videos for our patreon page and for those who would like to see how a professional beekeeper work and the cool thing is that he suggested that we do a giveaway each month to Australian residents, unfortunately this excludes WA, but it will be a 500g jar of honey to the first person that can name the variety of honey we would be working. Stuart isn’t known for this type of idea it is usually me so I know that he is loving the idea of making these videos.

With the videos he will be doing some tutorials of hive  management, disease control, brood, etc for all those patrons out there and also so free view vids for everyone. I am looking forward to these myself as you can never know to much about how things are done.

Well that’s it from me for now, just wanted to share about the complicated life and work of the beekeeper with the world, let me know what you think beekeepers really do!

Cheers to all

( the link below is to our YouTube channel hope you enjoy. 

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Self sufficient living- Veggies, Bees, Yoga Chickens & Goats

So we have always kept chickens on our property but we haven’t exactly kept them for more then eggs and we didn’t exactly keep a rooster for them to feel centered. Now we have got a gorgeous Arakuna X bantum rooster and 17 extra chicks and where thinking about separating our lovely old hen and the young one she’s tought to eat eggs.

Now, the above was an idea but now it isn’t a reality as we decided to build new nest boxes with some being higher then the others so that if she decides to still eat eggs she can only get hers as she can’t get to the higher boxes. That done we will get at least 10 out of 17 chicks as layers and the rest will be cockerels and allowed to grow into roosters and perform their duty with the neighbourhoods chickens.

So that all took place on the over the last month, This week we are busily putting up our new paddock for milking goats . The goats we have chosen are a cross between Saanan and Nubian and will give us the milk we need for the little kids we have along with their own. The nannies will become breeders for our line of meat goats (Boer) that we will cross to increase the height and stockiness of the X breed milkers.

We are getting the goats to increase the self sufficiency of the family, add a friendly less noisy law mower to the household, teach the children about livestock, and for their milk and families meat. I also intend to breed them for the domestic market if the project works out and let other families that want to live a self sufficient lifestyle add these wonderful and gentle family members to their lives.

Goats are going to be really important for our self sufficient life as they give us the most important NON plant based food source for the growing family so heres hoping that it all works out fantastic.

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When you produce your own, you cook and eat your own…..totally awesome. 🙂


What’s your perfect life?

What’s your idea of the perfect lifestyle?

Mine is a mix of family, Bees, yoga, self sufficiency and friends.

I reckon if you get the balance good your bound to be happy.

If you had a choice to make your perfect life what would it be? What order would you place your priorities in?

We love to hear what makes others tick and that includes you so drop a comment and let us know.

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Beekeeping. From bust to boom and back again.

Do you know what’s flowering in your environment? Do you know if they are good for bees or honey production? Would you be able to take 10-500 bees stings for a days work? I know that I couldn’t as it hurts and then I get a little sick ( allergic to bees).

What do you think a beekeeper does and how much honey do you think they get?

The start of spring has definitely not been what we expected to start with it was dry and therefore we struggled to get our usual season openers of Honey.

By now the honey has usually been flowing well for around 6-8 weeks and we have a constant supply which usually means Honey for our regular and supportive customers, this season however I have had to call and let them know that we would be unable to supply Honey at the moment.

Fast forward to now and we have had a nice amount of rain that has put flowers on gum trees and smiles on faces. Just two weeks ago we were talking about moving bees due to the lack of honey and then the night Stuart and Mike go down to get the bees a lot are full.

Empty to full in just two weeks, that’s how awesome honey production can be one minute your struggling to fill a bucket next your getting 44 gallon drums full.

Now this is not out of the ordinary in fact pretty normal but, when Stu decided to check the bees yesterday and told me they had an awesome shake of iron bark nectar I was ecstatic to say the least.

Honey production can bee (is) hard work and unpredictable which isn’t an understatement, but when the going is good we all reap the rewards of the hard work.

The climate plays a massive role in our line of work as does Stuart’s knowledge of the flora of different areas. He has to know when and where to move the bees, what’s flowering and if what’s flowering is good for the bee or will cause disease or make them run dry or wether it is all nectar and no pollen or vis versa he also needs to be aware of the temper of the bees on any given day ( they say women are hormonal wait till you catch the bees on a cranky day woo)they can change from morning to evening deepening on cloud, humidity etc there is a lot to it when it all boils down.

If we all had the knowledge that beekeepers carry we would be able to work the land and even our backyard to produce the products that was beneficial to our families.

If Beekeeping was easy everyone would be doing it and if we could all take the stings that they dish out we wouldn’t think twice about becoming one ourselves but we don’t and that’s why it is only a small amount of these people that make it their life’s work.

Want to see videos of the Beekeeping process? Follow the link to see more.


New solar system

Our solar system crapped out so it’s time for a new one and as we are totally off grid kinda emergency don’t ya think! I do otherwise we will be spending loads of money running a generator that clacks away morning, noon and night, annoyed much!.

So today’s job was borrowing our ever suffering neighbours bobcat and tractor plus and extra set of hands to remove these 3000kg batteries (12 in total) not a mean feat since they where in a brick shed with a slight boggy problem at the front door that bogged the bobcat on the first battery.

Inevitably they where all removed down to the front gate ready for the solar guys to bring pallets and shrink wrap for pick up the nested day.

Today’s job, load the batteries onto the truck with the tractor. ( not as easy as it sounds) tractors are no forklift, less movement, less turning more bulky.

So job done and filmed some of it as it happened.

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