Naturally Fit Bodies

I have started a blog/website page that will have all our wonderful events and whatever other cool stuff we can find. Namaste hope you enjoy.

Naturally Fit Bodies HOME PAGE

Welcome to Naturally Fit Bodies, On this blog site I will be adding events that we are hosting along with any fabulous information that we find.

Meet the beautiful women that are working together in 2017 with me, Megen Hibbins,( thats me)  the beautiful Jo Heart the wonderful vibrational healer that works out of Glen Innes NSW, and of cause Rani, the fantastic and amazing women that does our cooking at the Yoga and Meditation events that we will be putting on in 2017.

So theres not a picture yet but, if I can get the there of us together there will.

Alright so beautiful Jo Heart has a wonderful vibrational healing page on Facebook and absolutely love to share the joy and serenity of her passion ( also big healthy food fan),

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