Beekeeping – girls guide

Yep I said it, a girls guide, this simply means that I have the information from Stuart and read plenty of text and don’t have hands on experience ( unless you count the few trips working in the apiary ).

So here we go.

FACT 1. Bees are all girls except the drone that impregnats the queen so she can lay baby bees for the rest of her life.

FACT 2. Bees need both pollen and nectar

FACT 3. All newly laid eggs in the hive are fed Royal Jelly for the first few days.

FACT 4. Pollination of plants is achieved when the bee pops in and out of the flower .

FACT 5. The pollen attaches to the bee in what are called pollen sacks on the back legs

FACT 6. The honey bee is responsible for over 80% of pollination worldwide.

FACT 7. Eggs chosen by the queen will be feed royal jelly and emerge as young queens 16 days later.

FACT 8. Royal jelly is a milky substance produced by the nursing bees

FACT 9. Once the baby queens emerge they leave the hive and mate with a drone and make a new hive.

FACT 10. Worker bees ( all female ) have multiple jobs and emerge after 21 incubation ( kinda like baby chicks).

FACT 11. A hive consists of between 60-80 thousand bees ( jus a few hey)

FACT 12. Equipment needed for the basics

  • Hive
  • Hive tool ( thing that lifts frames)
  • Smoker ( pine needles go in, light with matches, smoke comes out when squeezed, ( kinda like a bellow))
  • Beekeepers veil, ( Stuart wheres a cricket hat with veil over top)
  • Beekeeping suit ( he doesn’t where this but I did)
  • Beekeeping gloves ( eh only if you like your hands the way the are)
  • oh yeah you need bees! ( kinda defeats the purpose without them )

FACT 13. The honey you collect you can eat and share with family and friends and enjoy that part of SELF SUFFICIENT living.

Thats my guide to beginner beekeeping….hope you enjoyed.

Have an awesome day.




Product Review …. APPS

WARNING, Mega BITCHING about to happen……!

I am so sick an tired of downloading apps for our video, photo editing and having to sit through endless amounts of advertising with them hoping that I will just buy the app…… Why the hell would I purchase your app if I haven’t even got a project done without having 4 advertisements pope up that waste 15 seconds each for games I have and will never play and then of course the endless marketing at the bottom of the app….

I have had enough! if you want payment for your app offer the first project free add free and then charge for your service from there this way everyone knows what your app can do and don’t have to sit through all the crap…. or place your cost up top so we know how much they will be if we like it.

Today I downloaded slideshow magic to stitch photos together for a new video and as I am doing this a star wars game popped up, then a candy game and then some courses and I hadn’t even finished picking the photos.

I am very dissatisfied with this as it is constant and annoying.

NO Yoga Hippy awards for these apps at all 😦

End mega bitch.



First Flight

So there I was trying to do a better welcome video for our Patreon page , you know the type you do when you say who you are, what your doing and press the patron button as its awesome…. Well I will get back to that in a minute or so as what I filmed was SO SO SO much better.

The little finch in this video had made its first ever flight out of the nest and landed in the tomato patch, it is tiny, cute and frightened I would imagine. This little red tailed finch had flown out of the nest of the last few weeks in the grevillea bush that is highly prickled and really uncomfortable to weed in, around or underneath so they where left very much undisturbed.

Well after all the chirping we heard we have the first sight of this gorgeous little guy making his inaugural flight and mums hoping around in pride and a little freaked out.

Enjoy the video…. And if you love our blogs and videos drop by patreon and become a patron to help us as creators keep creating.

Love to all…xx

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Happy Happy New Year

All of us here at Hibbo’s Hole NSW Australia, Wish to thank-you for your support of us over the 2017 period and want to wish you a very happy and safe new year….have a blast and we will see you all in 2018.
Have a good one,
Yoga Hippies

Guinea Fowl

So we brought 3 young female guinea fowl on Friday last week and they have ben penned in our chicken hutch since then. I was going to release them today but, as I sat here after taking the roof off their pen researching their nutritional requirements a bit deeper I found out that instead of penning for 3-7 days most people do this for up to 6 weeks and only release 1 at a time 3-7 day intervals…..OMG, I gotta run.

Just caught one and boy oh boy wasn’t that an ordeal! one ripped dress a pile of feathers and very sweaty 3 minutes latter I caught and released one.

Holy S@!t who would have thought that that would be such a problem. Anyhoo job done and one is happily sitting on a rock chatting away to the penned ones about life on the outside….Do you think I will be trying to catch them and trim their wings NO WAY hoozay, they an flap and fly as much as they like in absolute freedom.

What do you think I got guinea fowl for though???? Meat, eggs, bug protection??? It was definitely bug protection as they eat all the ants, ticks and mice around ( which the latter is in the veggie patches are starting to fill up with ).

My previous neighbours had guineas over there and when they left the guinea fowl stayed with the property, this is how I learnt all about their awesome yet noisy behaviours. I also learnt that their eggs are no dis-similar to chicken eggs and taste pretty much the same but, as we are getting between 5-13 eggs a day I don’t think we will be worrying about this.

I haven’t taken a picture of our 3 hens yet but this picture of the guinea fowl is awesome and a massive incentive for them around this property especially since we have brown and black snakes visit a bit over the hotter season.




The art of Beekeeping

Yes that right, beekeeping is an art and a rather complicated one if it’s done wrong. As a beekeepers wife I am regularly given facts and information about bees, what they are doing, what trees are in blossom and what tree blossoms are not suitable in different weather.

Hearing all this information made me wonder how many people really give a thought or even know that people harvest their honey from bees and how they do harvest honey. Do you know what happens in an apiary? Have you ever wonder how your honey is produced? Have you ever thought wether it is Australian or overseas varieties? Do you know what an iron ark, Apple gum or blood wood tree even looks like?

Well for what it’s worth I never gave it a thought, in fact I didn’t even know that beekeeping was farming or that their were beekeepers in Australia. Hmmm yep I’m hearing you, how Nieve am I, Totally was on this subject.

So as it turns out hanging with Stuart who is my husband, best friend, etc is really cool and I have learnt sooo much, in fact I think it has made me nearly a beekeeper ( hahaha as if ). 

So Stuart has started making a few videos for our patreon page and for those who would like to see how a professional beekeeper work and the cool thing is that he suggested that we do a giveaway each month to Australian residents, unfortunately this excludes WA, but it will be a 500g jar of honey to the first person that can name the variety of honey we would be working. Stuart isn’t known for this type of idea it is usually me so I know that he is loving the idea of making these videos.

With the videos he will be doing some tutorials of hive  management, disease control, brood, etc for all those patrons out there and also so free view vids for everyone. I am looking forward to these myself as you can never know to much about how things are done.

Well that’s it from me for now, just wanted to share about the complicated life and work of the beekeeper with the world, let me know what you think beekeepers really do!

Cheers to all

( the link below is to our YouTube channel hope you enjoy. 

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Product review …004

Twining tea, yeah I know why am I writing a review on tea??? Well it isn’t that I drink a lot but, I do like certain teas of the herbal varieties and this brand just happens to make a few nice blends….when I say a few hey actually make four in this brand and I have now tried them all.

Ok so let’s look at them individually you have the sleep, digest, defence and detox. Firstly the sleep, this is a mild camomile flavour (and I do mean mild) with undertones of orange blossom and a touch of honey. I mention this one first as it is the least favourite of the lot as it is so mild that I feel like I am drinking hot water with a mild taste.

Next is the digest,  peppermint, liquorice and lemon balm. The lemon balm is the over powering taste in this on but due to the ingredients I find that a week of drinking it does show a difference and since I have Chrones disease I do actually notice what goes through me.

The defence and detox are both my favourites the defence has orange, ginger and cinnamon and the top taste is defiantly the ginger with its bite and the back taste is the cinnamon that hits the back of the throat nicely leaving a lovely refreshing taste I the mouth. The detox has sweet fennel, lemongrass and verbena in it with the lemongrass being the top note and the verbena just outwaying the fennel which leaves a gentle aniseed taste at the back of the throat.

I have tried each of these over a week at a time with only my morning coffees to come between us and have found that I will continue to purchase them except the sleep which I will find a better camomile flavour for this.

Would I recommend this product?? Yes, defiantly if you like herbal tea these are a lovely alternative to the standard brands.

I give this the Yoga Hippy Gold Award. 

Love to all