Blog of a Yoga Hippy

Enjoy a caring and nurturing chat with Megen Hibbins, yoga teacher, Yin Specialist, crystal healer, mother, wife, friend. Namaste.

The yogi with crohns.

I have Crohn’s disease, it is not glamorous, attractive or even what I call practical. This disease calls for gastronomic and colonoscopies a lot just to check that all is in working order and that there is no flare ups. Anyone that has either of these knows that the preparation for the up to 4…

Yoga Hippy Lifestyle

I have acquaintances that love the idea of being self sufficient and I have others that love the idea of the city and all the supposed simplicity of it all, can we really say that one or the other is simplistic or, is it just a state of mind? I moved to this remote place…

Outback travelling Yogi

Outback Australia can't get much better until you see Emus they are seriously cool. So yesterday we went out to check some beesites that we have and wanted to know wether there was any canola crops in at these places or at least some amazing wildflower varieties that help the bees 🐝 breed more amazing…

Feedback from classes

Getting feedback from the community is fantastic, it lets you see what you are doing right or wrong. always share your thoughts with others even the grumpy ones but try and make them smile first.

Crystals and yoga combined

The combination of crystals and yoga helps to develop an amazing depth that hasn’t been felt before. Enjoy

Aerial Yoga Swings are Amazing

Originally posted on The OM Project:
When I first saw a class listing at my local yoga studio for aerial silk yoga I thought that the yoga community had finally taken it too far. Whats next, ceiling yoga? But I gave it a try and now I’m completely hooked. You need a little bit of…

Food for life….

I can’t say I am a massive foodie, nor can I say I love food. What I can say is that I like to eat nice, healthy and nutritional food that will not make me sick by 10pm at night. For most people food is something they can eat and enjoy be it healthy or…

Good Food for Good Health

With good food comes good health, with good health come and energetically aware body, mind and spirit.

Stress- Friend or foe?

I am not usually one that gets stressed out (hot headed) but today and yesterday I have found my stress levels (annoyance) higher than normal, yes I know that the full moon plays a role in the great emotional upheaval but the trigger happens to be a very trivial one and one that I just…